My Response 4 : course fees?

4. did you ask for course fees to be paid in cash in USD?

First of all the FIT Programme is Absolutely free, it is the Supreme Grace of Sree Maa Shri Ji that we received the Absolute Teaching for the benefit of my Atma at cost free. Absolute Teaching is priceless, for someone to put out a monetary value in USD is insult and a slap in the face to me.


The 2 residential retreat in NZ I offered energy exchange would be in the NZD and or AUD whether it be by cash or thru paypal or bank transfer.


I do not know what is significant and what are the journalist coming at. USD is a world renown and very stable currency.



i am perplexed at the journalism with their array of questions, it looks like they are not maintaining a fair and respectable campaign but looks like they are only looking for the sensationalism. Feel very bad for Sree Maa Shri Ji to be put to this situation and endure the mudslinging to malign Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and FIT. i stand by and vouch without an iota of doubt the allegations being thrown on Sree Maa Shri Ji are unfounded and completely rubbish.



i welcome for the journalist to contact each of the FIT and myself for further clarification and find the truth. They can email me at or Zoom call +61 ### ### ###.

My Response 3 : Public toilets after 7 pm?

3. did you warn members not to use public toilets after 7pm?

First of all, what is with the question!! One extreme to the next, is this smut? What magazine or newspaper journalist would ask such question?


The answer is no, I have never been warned or given instruction or asked by Sree Maa Shri Ji.


I am a bartender in trade and I work in a very busy bustling complex Casino that is opened 24 hours, in which I am required to be flexible and available in rotational shift of Morning, Afternoon and Graveyard shift, the shift is plentiful at night as that is when it gets busy. The bar get busy mainly on Friday to Sunday and mainly get extremely busy at night time and we must to be available to work at this time, which is part of the enterprise agreement working in the Casino. It is a must. Not only that I share the staff public toilet with Thousands of staffs and I also uses the Patrons toilet after 7pm as I work in afternoon and night shift as that is where the loading payment hits.


I have moved out recently further away from where I work and the drive back home can take 1 to 1.30 hours with no traffic but with traffic can take 2 to 2.30 hours. Being stuck in the traffic I have many occasions emergency nature call is required where I had to do business right there and then, fortunately there is always a Petrol station, McDonald, restaurant and local Public Toilet where I can do my business and yes most of the time its at night time.



Have recall many occasions when I finish work at about 5 or 6 pm and would drive 2.30 hour or so to Central Coast to Irene place, the drive is long and far. There are many occasions where emergency nature call is required. Since the Public Toilet and Truck stop is far in between I have at times contemplate on peeing on the empty bottle and had to admit on my younger days I had do so as I had no other choice, to let you know the picture, if you are busting to pee one bottle is not going to be enough. The pain and the embarrassment when I look at myself in the mirror after this incident does not required “Reflection”, trust me the amount of driving I had to endure it was not a 1-time experience. Now with the bigger business or doing number 2, lets not go in there, I am not going to get pan or bucket and leave it in the car just in case I needed to do number 2 after 7pm, it’s just not going to happen. I guarantee I will not be storing my pee on a bottle or leave a chocolate in the bucket in my car.

My Response 2 : Sexual relations with outsiders?

2. did you warn members not to have sexual relations with outsiders because they might bring the wrong energy?



Have never shared this personal information about sexual relations to anyone or with Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and FIT. Due to my upbringing I have kept my sexual orientation and preference private as it’s a sensitive private matter that I believe its my own business.


What is with the The implying, condescending, demeaning selective field questioning. I am totally shocked at the questions!


To be clear the answer is no, I have never been warned or given instruction about my sexual relations by Sree Maa Shri Ji.


All I received is Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Supreme Grace – Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse 24 by 7, Absolute Truth teaching to nurture the Atma and to awakening me to my Self-realization. The reason why I am here and join the FIT as I consider it many lifetime opportunities to walk the pathless path of embodying Brahmaroop in which I would not miss for the world.


The only one who was very insistent about knowing my sexual relations and how many sexual relations I had was Irene. Even after my rejection of her sexual advance she would like to pry to my private matters asking me question how can I manage being Celibate and wanted to know why?

This overbearing snake won’t give up and do not get the hint, that I am not interested in woman. Even after telling her that I am Celibate. But she would trap me in different ways, she manage to trick and forcing me to agree to be her soul company in which Irene has this grand vision and though that we have soul connection. And that her Grand vision of her and I being a Twin Flame, in truth we are not and had been confirmed with my Soul Mapping and her Soul Mapping there is no connection. But her obsession with me won’t abated but continue to get worse.


I have chosen to be celibate but kept it to myself and wanting to keep it to myself, but only told Irene to deter her from continuing her pursuit of me. Not to be out done and since she knows I have not vocalize that I am celibate she used the Celibate as a side stab at me also to diminish me in choosing to be celibate. To make herself look good and to keep the guise how good she is. I recall her asking the question to Sree Maa Shri Ji, about her wanting to be Celibate with her husband. Sree Maa Shri Ji very kindly answer very clearly said it is your choice. Irene even tried to gauge me about the subject of her being a celibate to make sure that I have the understanding the difficulties and the sacrifice she is doing, telling me her sob story about her husband don’t understand, yada yada, la la la. Irene was giving and making it look it was a choice she made when in truth it was due to an ulterior motive on her own part so that she looks good and for everyone to look up to her, at the same time to out do and diminished my choosing to be celibate. I am not sure what kind of bad impression she implies on Sree Maa Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion to her husband, but I am sure it is not in a good light.



Another thing am very offended with this question as it implies that FIT is some kind of sex club or exclusive personal member which caters sexual relations within the FIT and only in the FIT. Is that what are you getting at? This question also leaves sexual connotations on the FIT when there is only 1 male and the rest are females.


It did come to light that Dallia at the time when she was organising and leading the Kosmic Fusion – Cosmic Meetup meditation gathering that she was using this opportunity to pick up men for her own sexual relations. This is how far Dallia and Irene has been polluting the sacredness of Kosmic Fusion and the maligning of Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and FIT.

My Response 1 : Former volunteers have described being struck, spat…?

1.Former volunteers have described being struck, spat on or had their hair pulled during “reflection” sessions? 


No, it never happens and would never happen, I would not stand for violent and specially Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and FIT, it’s vehemently not possible ever. It’s extremely ridiculous and most offensive to me as i had never once been struck, spat on or had my hair pulled by anyone at any stage of training, in workshop, in FIT Programme with Sree Maa Shri Ji.


Since i did my AwAkenin TrAnSfOMatiON and Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Practitioner in December 2012 and started volunteering in Jan 2013 what i witnessed of Sree Maa Shri Ji is pure Compassion as have only felt and witnessed the tangible shower of unconditionally love of SreeMaaShriJi Supreme Grace towards everyone, have never met anyone more compassionate, forgiving, accepting, loving and kind that make you feel at ease and welcome as a family within Kosmic Fusion. SreeMaaShriJi only displayed utmost Integrity and only best wishes to everyone even to those who has bad intention.


At the beginning as a volunteer we were to only put our hands-on shoulders on the stands to the participants and touching the recipients chakra for Multi-dimensional holographic healing session with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse.


Touching the recipients chakra no longer needed in 2016 as part of the FIT training is to step back and that the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse is Omniscience and Omnipresent, IT will do what it needs be done. Main purpose of it is to step back and to keep the ego in check and by doing so we will not create any healers karma by being a sharer.


If you really want to know who has been doing hitting and pulling hairs its only Dallia and Irene who is a Malignant and Covert Narcissist. Have witness few of the manhandling of Irene bullying Tara in the India Pilgrimage, one occasion when Irene aggressively grabbing Tara’s hand telling Tara off at how to properly record the discourse of Sree Maa Shri Ji while we were walking. and another time shoving Tara to get to the front to record Sree Maa Shri Ji, another time pushing Tara out of the way while Irene try to run ahead to attend to Sree Maa Shri Ji and this both occasion Tara did come to me ask if I saw what Irene did to her. Have also seen Irene shoved and pushed through over other FITs to be the first to attend to Sree Maa Shri Ji or when Irene wanted to be next to Sree Maa Shri Ji or wanting to be in the front of the line whenever we visit Swaminarayan Bhagwan Temple. Have also witness Dallia bullying Tara in the India Pilgrimage though it was not physically, but she was trying to dominate Tara.


I witness many of this occasion only because I was told by Irene to stay in the back at all times being the male to keep an eye on everyone ahead and whenever I would walk ahead of Irene I get a mouthful from her making sure to put me in my place which is at the back. Irene would also demand that I carry her luggage like a personal helper. Irene and Dallia orchestrate a drama that made me a flying monkey and end up fighting with another FIT. Both of them had sabotage me, gaslighted me, made multiple triangulation with me and with other FITs.


Irene always had unhealthy obsession towards me and the only time that i have been touched inappropriately was from Irene’s sexual advancement towards me, it was unwanted, and I rejected it vehemently several times, further emotional, mental anguish when she then turned this unwanted relationship into a spiritual one, even though Irene having a physical husband and son.


Irene and Dallia’s manipulation had came to light in the Reunion and one of them is Dallia abusing and bullying Jeeya and Nandini, and that Dallia had been violently and slap Nandini several times and tried to pull Nandini’s kanthi off her neck, but all this abuse always happen whenever Sree Maa Shri Ji is not around.


The Reunion was all initiated and driven by FIT, we had the questionnaires drafted by all of us together so that we can come to light at what we were doing, the direction we are going and to know what we are doing wrong.
No, we have never been asked to do any reflections, it was our own initiative to fill out the questionnaires in honest, authentic and integrity in which Irene hated as she knows she was going to get exposed. Therefore, she viciously bullying me non-stop at the reunion, continually putting me in front of a train to be run over and be under the spot light at all time in the group setting specially with the Sydney FIT. Irene is like a big boss thug, like a ring master telling people off, she would berate me in front of everyone when I was setting up my laptop, even though I told her three times to calm down it’s not my fault but continue to push me make me react and raised my voice in front of the others FITs to make me look in a bad light. Whenever I raised an issue or give her a look to say what are you doing she would play innocent and would raise her concern with Niranjana “why is he talking to me like this” or “did you see the way he look at me” , I was so crushed I just kept quiet and cop it – totally putting me in the bad light in front of the core Team and the rest of the FIT. Irene has been like a python wrapped around me and crushing my self-confidence at every turn. The one who is continuing spitting and spewing venom at Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and the FITs are these snakes.


At the Reunion I witnessed how Nandini and Jeeya has been mistreated and abused, Irene would hog the kitchen as if it’s her right only to cook food for herself and share it with me but would get angry with me when I share it with Nandini or Jeeya and told me to not share it with any of them. Even though Nandini had been cooking for the FITs in the Reunion she would not share food with Nandini and Jeeya. I felt really sorry for Nandini and Jeeya as every morning and night they would clean the kitchen, sweep the kitchen & dining floors and the leaves in the yard & pool, while Irene overseeing. I wanted to help out in cleaning, but Irene stopped me, as if to say this is what they were supposed to be doing. FIT had come from different country and respected what we are there for the Reunion, but whenever FITs were filling out the questionnaires Irene was never there, maybe bossing everyone around exhausted her big time needed to chills out and take nap time.


Irene bully me and bosses me around whenever she is cooking (like every day), I became Irene’s dish washing and cleaning after her, being her runner to get what ever she wanted, get crafts for her projects – beads (which I have bought with my own cash and brought from Australia but was not enough and wanted more), she made me clean and paint cushions, clean around the Ashram, clean windows, make international phone call in her behalf, made me organise her flights, shuttle pickup and all in my own expenses. Thus, I organise her flight with LATAM and my ticket she wanted the VIP sit in LATAM as she wanted the business class, thus organised and requested for upgrade for Irene’s flight, at their own discretion it was not approved. On the way back to Sydney in the shuttle bus going to Auckland airport Irene was so angry with me and very mad started screaming at me when I was offering food that was cooked by Jeeya in a kind gesture for our breakfast as we were leaving for Sydney. After arriving in the airport, she decides to go back to the Ashram, telling me off that it’s my fault for not getting the Business class, what is the point now going home, even though she still have the ticket to go back to Sydney which was already been paid, apparently it’s was not for her and left to go back to the Ashram. Irene had sabotage me, gaslighted me, made multiple triangulation with me and FIT, making me as a Flying Monkey in many occasions in the Reunion.

Derogatory questions by National Correspondent of Stuff

Derogatory questions by National Correspondent of Stuff

Dear Readers,

On July 19th 2018, Shri Ji forwarded an email to FiTS with the most derogatory and ridiculous questions sent by a journalist at the behest of Tzu Ling Kuo/Joy Kuo/Irene and Iphigenie Amoutzias/Dallia/Meera, the two malignant and covert narcissists who Kosmic Fusion and all FiTs have disassociated from (
Am attaching the email for you to read _/\_

Narcissist Energy Vampires

Whenever I am near I-wolf-rene and Iphigenie Amoutzias I know now why I felt Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse very active and, it dawns on me how much Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse has always protected me and always made sure that I am always overflowing with Supreme Grace as if sharing and tune in all the same time.

Sree Maa Shri Ji has always told me to stand my ground whenever someone tries to run me over or overpower me, don’t let anyone control me, give a fight. I am such a fool for not paying heed to every word of Sree Maa Shri Ji. Atyant Abhaar Aapka Sree Maa Shri Ji for always being there for me and being my strength. 🙏🙏🙏
I-wolf-rene hated me whenever I mentioned there is something in her place or nearby that I could feel it. I could feel it is not right, I could sense it and I could even hear it. I could feel the depth of the densities. – of course, I have gotten my punishment from I-wolf-rene for saying that to her about her place.

Have always thought that it’s the density of the land or environment, but I know now it was not the case, but someone tuning in and trying to hook and sync in with me energetically to syphon my energy.
Like moths drawn to flames, empaths like me seem to have liking for flying head-first into dangerous friendships and soul-sucking relationships that leave many of us feeling exhausted and unbalanced. Yet over and over again I kept missing the vital life lessons being presented. 

I could see the magnetic pull from the opposite the Narcissist. By nature the Empaths are deeply caring, compassionate, intense sensitivities, often struggle to create boundaries, giving into martyrdom, victimhood, co-dependency and self-sacrifice. 

While the Narcissist hides behind an idealized self-image of being highly charming and attractive, at the same time uncaring, indifference, self-centred and cruel.

This is not my first encounter of Narcissist, have encounter many in my lifetime and Narcissist are ripe in the spiritual group also, I felt like Narcissist is very much attracted to the spiritual group as it’s an easy picking and great multiple supplies for the Narcissist. The Narcissist like to linger with so much supply and if Narcissist ever gets caught Narcissist could just pretend to say sorry and the empathic people will give them a chance and forgive. This is why I believe that Sree Maa Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion was targeted for the Unconditional Love, Kindness and Compassion. 

I believe it very strongly that this is the reason why Narcissist always has that obsessiveness attraction towards Sree Maa Shri Ji – It is because Sree Maa Shri Ji is the embodiment of Kindness and Compassion in which Narcissist like to leech on. It is a big jackpot for the Narcissist. 

I can now see in hindsight why Narcissist are attracted to spirituality and religion, Because they have this Grandiose of being special and this exaggerated sense of self-desire to be like God and Goddess. It’s this very attraction the Narcissist harp about “I AM” and create or follow groups where SOVEREIGN BEING concept is more freely used.

Wherever they can exploit the Narcissist will make sure to hang out in those circles and groups.

Narcissists want to be Sovereign Beings, so they become free of the fact they have to answer some Divinity above them. It’s just feeding the Dark self to become more stronger almost God-like.

There are many things I wish to mention, for an instant when I first volunteered for Kosmic Fusion and took the drug that I was offered by Mr. K and his friend. Mr. K and his friend where over lighted by 4.5 who have taken over them. And due to my “Free Will” I took the drugs in which I end up opening up myself to them and those dark entities end up syncing up with me and tried to take over me. I am very fortunate that Sree Maa Shri Ji my One and the Only ONE had never let go of my hands throughout the ordeal which went on for months where I could feel all the entities and other multidimensional entities would attack me. It does not matter, day or night, it was 24 hours. They were relentless as they wanted the spark within which they could not touch it as Sree Maa Shri Ji has a hand on me – and that I did my AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN workshop due to the Grace of Sree Maa Shri Ji the shower of Supreme Grace – Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse was with me 24/7. 

Due to my “Free Will” they the 4.5 actually had a right over me and I end up signing up a soul contract with the 4.5, had The Supreme Grace had not step in…. And only due to Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Supreme Grace that I am able to overcome it and given the opportunity to walk the pathless path of Supersonic Shortcut. If that is not the embodiment of Compassion and Supreme Grace, then I don’t know what else. There are many parts I did not share, but what I am saying the level of Compassion and how much Sree Maa Shri Ji have to endure to get me to rewrite my soul contract.

There are no words that are sufficiency to express my eternal Gratitude to Sree Maa Shri Ji 🙏🙏🙏 Aapke Prati Sada Atyant Abhaar Rahunga Sree Maa Shri Ji 🙏🙏

How Sunshine’s Light Been Diminished

Katie Sunshine have no idea who has been #backstabbing her. Sunshine thinks that Diarrhea is a friend but really Diarrhea was the one who was backstabbing her from the beginning because Diarrhea does not like her and because she is difficult to control. Not only that Diarrhea wrote how she manages to get Katie Sunshine out of #KosmicFusion and cause rip between Katie Sunshine and her close friend who also volunteered to Kosmic Fusion. Diarrhea could not handle this since Diarrhea came with her insidious and sinister intention to be the only one to lead and anyone else is a threat to her, so Diarrhea made sure that Kosmic Fusion would not grow because of Diarrhea #jealousy of Sree Maa Shri Ji.

Diarrhea wanted the Power!, Wanted to have the #SupremeGrace of #SreeMaaShriJi! This is what drives Diarrhea.

Katie Sunshine is a stooge and a #flyingmonkey used by Diarrhea and I-wolf-rene. Sunshine have no idea that it was Diarrhea who has been feeding her doubts, #gaslighted and #triangulation with other volunteers to create the chaos that Katie Sunshine would leave Kosmic Fusion so that Diarrhea of plan to keep Kosmic Fusion in New Zealand growth are stunted and that Diarrhea to maintain her seniority and to lead Kosmic Fusion Australia with I-wolf-rene as her plan to create a new group in Germany and I-wolf-rene in Taiwan. Katie Sunshine could you not see that it was Diarrhea passing the blaming on the New Zealand people for not being ready. Sunshine need to wake up at how racist Diarrhea could be, yet Sunshine could not see that someone close to her pulling the string and they do it subtlety. Katie Sunshine and Diarrhea did not do anything for Kosmic Fusion nor they came for their Souls nor work on the dark self which what’s #FiT is all about. Diarrhea and I-Wolf-Rene only played their Narcissistic game.

Though it was very subtle how Diarrhea has playing, bad mouthing and backstabbing Katie Sunshine. It has been Diarrhea’s hot topic with I-wolf-rene about the New Zealand volunteers and especially Katie Sunshine. Diarrhea in New Zealand and I-Wolf-Rene in Australia have been coordinating together from the start.
I should have known the Big red flag when Diarrhea volunteered for the #Conscious Living Festival Perth – 16 to 19 October, it was that time when Diarrhea has tried to feed doubts about Katie Sunshine because of what a psychic woman told her about how vulnerable she is and this totally shows the lack of faith and trust of Katie Sunshine on the signature of the Source/Void – #QuantumVortexScalarWavePhotonPulse.

Diarrhea write this and relayed it how Diarrhea wanted to plant a seed of doubts with Archita and myself… of course I-Wolf-Rene never had faith or have good intentions.
I am sorry that Katie Sunshine you got bump out by Diarrhea, but to get played again and be a stooge and a flying monkey who hides behinds the fake name I would say good riddance about Katie Sunshine. Katie Sunshine is just another plain Jane who is such a hypocrite who talks about spiritual, keeping energetic hygiene and wanting to get married and find the sexual relation so sacred… Yet all she does is looking for someone to lay her at every opportunity at the same time desperate to get married because some psychic say that they saw the diamond ring in her hand… Diarrhea used your Pride and Arrogance which was your weakness.
Good luck to you Sunshine!!!, you miss out on the Ultimate #Grace the Love of Your Soul because of chasing #ego materialistic 2 minutes lay.

They may have tricked you into thinking you are doing a good cause, but really, they just used you. Katie Sunshine your true light had been diminished again by Diarrhea but your action made it as bad as Diarrhea. At the moment you are in your honeymoon with Diarrhea and I-wolf-rene but sooner or later once your usefulness is over you will be discarded like rubbish and you will be looking what have I done, but by then you will be a nobody again.

Power and Control

The Alpha Male
Here is 1 example of how much control and power this I-wolf-rene had over me. I-wolf-rene is crying out wolf for being exposed for what she is a venomous snake who got caught stealing Intelectual Property and ripped me off. I-wolf-rene had made 3 fake FB account one of them is Norman Kelly (was Kelly Norman), Swami Maharaj (was Swami Swami) and Sherry Lee (Jacki Miller) she had to add my friends, family, and Pulsar to send out a hate mail and propagate a paid Article that she paid for which is all a lie. Please stand up and don’t let them get away with this Malignant Narcissist kind of behavior by as she is venting her anger towards the innocent which is Sree Maa Shri Ji. I-wolf-rene has gone beyond any sense as her hatred and anger for losing her Narcissist supply and due to her most unhealthy obsessive attraction towards me and not able to have Kosmic Fusion, this had totally push her, I-wolf-rene have gone beyond revenge and has a vendetta against the few that have stood by me which is Sree Maa Shri Ji and the FiT’s.
Don’t feed the Narcissist,
Expose them it is doing a service to the community!
It’s 12:43 am, here you could see the how she was controlling me to even demand that i should have a shower! My mother would not even dare say that to me when i was 10 years old!!
She continued and expressed her displeasure and how she has been social Media stalking me… this includes WhatsApp, Messenger…
I-Wolf-Rene put pressure, shame, and guilt.. so that i will bend to her will…
I-Wolf-Rene likes to play a victim when in fact she is that one who is the manipulative cunning Narcissist… all this smearing campaign that she is doing just to get revenge for being exposed will only hit her 1000 fold. I will continue to unmasked this Python who had been victimizing the innocent for so long.
She belittle my efforts and say that the emails i edited… i messed it up… she continued to put blame on me..
Yet she demands that i be fair and that she be acknowledged and respected by her partner.
What partner would talk to someone like this?
Hari OM Brahman_/\_
I tried to play big even though I don’t want to deal with her.
She tried to lure be back in… put the hooks and baited me with a link about “The year of the Money” after not responding the whole day. Its all about money for her…
I-wolf-rene try to lure me back in with Chinese belief that this year of Money. Still not happy with her… I do not want to respond.
Yet i responded,
She could not help but put another guilt trip over me that she is missing out family time….
Here we worked till 3am or so…
And you can see that at 7 am i am already on my way to Central Coast from Bankstown which is about 1.30 hours drive.
You could also see that she is the decision maker and that all the write up and emails are checked and edited before I sent it.
I-Wolf-Rene here revealed her intention to buy a house to convert to workshop and healing room where she used me a slave and another volunteer to renovate the house and Granny flat, we also build up the Holistic Freedom Wellness Center for her where i contributed a lot in it because she convinced me that it is all for Kosmic Fusion.
I could now connect the dot… that all her scheming and insidious are all for her gain.
Once I-Wolf-Rene Systematically passed off all the Intellectual property, data, and copyrights material from Kosmic Fusion and to Komal & Hanuman and from Komal & Hanuman to Holistic Freedom with me investing all in. Once she gotten everything…
She removed herself from the Director of the Company and closed Komal & Hanuman without legally informing and leaving me with debt…. while she has all the sole owner to Holistic Freedom and the Holistic Freedom Wellness Center and stolen the Intellectual Property, Data and Copyrights Material.
I have trusted her wholeheartedly and she used and abused my trust and my kindness. She has unhealthy obsessions towards me and now that she could not have me her toy/supply and Kosmic Fusion she is now venting her anger by doing a smear campaign towards me and to the innocent which is Sree Maa Shri Ji who have been supporting me.

Early Warning Sign Of A Pathological Persons – I-Wolf-Rene tick all of them

I believe this is a very important post I have made. I have experience every typical RED FLAGS and everything is spot on to the T with dealing with Narcissist Sociopath. I was not able to spot many of the typical RED FLAGS as the insidious and malignant nature of her Covert Narcissist was hidden in many masks and became harder and harder to see the truth due to being groomed, manipulated, controlled and made as a flying monkey to direct her rage at the other innocent victims.

Very clinging, she knows she had me hooked 

Here she was reminding that we had Soul Connection

Here I-Wolf-Rene would buy a cheap knock-off of Camilla (Australian fashion style) and wear them when we are exhibiting in Embrace Life, Festival of Dreams, Psychic Alternative Fair, Meetup and other events. I-Wolf-Rene want to imitate Sree Maa and replace Sree Maa the founder of Kosmic Fusion. You can even see even the high platform shoe that Sree Maa Shri Ji like to wear, she has to wear them.

Will elaborate more at every points.
Early Warning Sign Of A Pathological Persons – And I-Wolf-Rene tick all of them, below are some example

*Fast-moving relationship
I-Wolf-Rene was all over me like Destiny. I-Wolf-Rene Love bombing me, mirror me and wanted me to commit all my time with I-Wolf-Rene.

*Overwhelmingly attentive
I-Wolf-Rene was very attentive and would fan my ego and feed me what ever that my ego need.

*Claims a soulmate connection
I-Wolf-Rene always though that we had Soulmate connection and in I-Wolf-Rene deluded mind she though that we are a Twin Flame and even Twin Ray… trying to be so Grand into believing that she could be Sree Maa. And I-Wolf-Rene trying to fit me as the spot of Shri Ji.

*Needs help and or pity
I-Wolf-Rene played a misunderstood, fragile little Asian girl who everyone misunderstood because of her accent. And that she is doing the only one doing everything when she is volunteering and that it is all for Kosmic Fusion. Which is all a lie, first she has a degree in English and works in University Library. I-Wolf-Rene is a wolf pretending to be a sheep, she was preying on the volunteers of Kosmic Fusion and stealing Intellectual Property, data and copyright material from Kosmic Fusion so that she can start her own group. I-Wolf-Rene only started to volunteer for her own gain so that buy her time to build herself a network before executing her plan to take over and replace Sree Maa Shri Ji.

*History of failed relationships
I-Wolf-Rene have long history of failed relationship, with her father and mother, sibling and paternal relations. I-Wolf-Rene have big grudge on all of them and she has made sure that she paid them back.
I-Wolf-Rene had couple of romantic relation which she say had taken advantage of her when really it’s the other way around. It was her used, abused and discard tactic.

*Lack of nostalgia
I-Wolf-Rene has this wishful thinking to live out the life she missed out when she was young, that is what I-Wolf-Rene had kept her claw to me. I-Wolf-Rene wanted to experience what I had experience when I used to drink, smoke and party. As she had a very mundane life of study study and study. When she though she was free and end up going to University in country side, she failed to find the life she wish for and end up living another mundane life.

*Few Personal Possessions
Though I-Wolf-Rene have many things but all this are either from the husband hard work. And everything that she had building on like the Holistic Freedom and Holistic Freedom Wellness Centre are all from me contribution. I-Wolf-Rene like to rode on the success of other for instant taking advantage and abusing the kindness of Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa Shri Ji, she ride the Kosmic Fusion umbrella and from there had also rode on the successful name of Hanumanji and created Komal & Hanuman. I-Wolf-Rene wanted the status of the Immortal Bhakti Hanumanji.

*Inconsistent details of past
I-Wolf-Rene always change her stories, you can hear it in one of the interviews how she was lying about her qualifications as Akaashik Records Neutralizing and continue to lie in the interview as if she is expert when she was not or she gotten permission – will share it another time.

*Financially irresponsible
I-Wolf-Rene like to spend over her means and even try to dupe me many times where I became a cash cow to her. I-Wolf-Rene likes to buy many make up and beauty product to cover the insidious face that she kept hidden. In truth even her husband told me that he could not maintain her means of spending money and even told me that he had to cut his sons pocket money for 2 weeks because of I-Wolf-Rene spending and traveling.

*No personal accountability
Totally no personal accountability when i relay that her husband is having difficulty in maintaining the finance and that he had to cut her sons allowance for 2 weeks. I-Wolf-Rene nonchalantly said he had spare money he just does not want to spend, he had emergency money. I was totally shocked do not know what to say..

*Target begins to act outside their norms
My behavior had change from confident to having been under the thumb of I-Wolf-Rene where she was able to control every aspect of my life. I-Wolf-Rene had cutoff everyone from me, my friends, my family, the FiTs and Sree Maa Shri Ji. I-Wolf-Rene wanted all the attention all to her and would get jealous of anyone who would talk to me or get my attention. 5 years of emotionally, mentally abuse who duped me into thinking that she was a trusted friend, ripped me off and shattered my self esteem into a thousand pieces.What makes me more angry is that she has targeted the few that have stood by me and by sending them hate mail and smear campaign. 

#narcissist #CovertNarcissist #MalignantNarcissist #Narcissiticabuse #Gaslighting #SmearCampaign #Fraud #CognitiveDissonance #ToxicPeople #TruamaBonding #LoveBombing

Elitist Narcissist is crying wolf and venting her anger

The narcissist is crying wolf and venting her anger by doing a smear campaign because she is exposed and got caught.
There is thousands of evidence in WhatsApp, Messenger, emails at how she have lie, bully, manipulated, groomed, used and abused me for 5 years.
There is much more proof how I-Wolf-Rene demanded money from the volunteers Kosmic Fusion, at how I-Wolf-Rene siphon data from Kosmic Fusion, Stolen Intellectual Property & Copyright Material.
I have many pictures how this Elitist Narcissist have dress up and imitate Sree Maa style of dress, she would copycat Sree Maa Shri Ji and would used Sree Maa’s Absolute Teaching and Quote in Cosmic Meetup, events and be talking with volunteers.
She would always use and abused Sree Maa’s name and sabotage Sree Maa’s name, even though Sree Maa have never met all these people but she had already poison everyone perception and mind with making contact by sharing inaccurate half-truth and saying it’s from Sree Maa Shri Ji. She always take all the benefit and then put Sree Maa Shri Ji in front of the train to be run over…
She is a chameleon she would copy at how Sree Maa cracks Sree Maa’s neck or how I-Wolf-Rene would imitate Sree Maa with how she ran her hands through her hair like Sree Maa Shri Ji, buy lotion, moisturizer, fix her nail and other toiletry. She would buy a cheap knock-off of Camilla (Australian fashion style) and wear them when we are exhibiting in Embrace Life, Festival of Dreams, Psychic Alternative Fair, Meetup and other events.
This Elitist Narcissist wanted to replace Sree Maa Shri Ji and take over Kosmic Fusion and make it her own.
Will be sharing more evidence of this another time.
Will be sharing more how now she is crying wolf and venting her anger by doing a smear campaign because she is exposed and got caught. Mainly because she could not have Kosmic Fusion and have me as her possession the toy that she is obsessive with and would destroy who ever supported me. This is why her anger towards the innocent whom is Sree Maa Shri Ji is relentless.
How I-Wolf-Rene would copy Sree Maa’s dress and mannerism. 
I-Wolf-Rene would buy a knock-off Camilla Design dress to imitate Sree Maa
In here I-Wolf-Rene even have the high platform shoes to imitate Sree Maa

I-Wolf-Rene love looking at herself in the mirror and she loves posing 

Stressful Chaotic Materialistic Egoistic Manic World – before AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON

Before AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON i was someone who was drowning in my own never ending chattering mind, ego has me in its grasp had been smothering me mercilessly. Always worried about work, families, friends successful and at the same time trying to find mySelf in a stressful chaotic materialistic egoistic manic world.
That by 10 years old have experience numerous flood, cyclones, volcano and so on that it feels like many life time experience. Have remember when as a 3-4 years old being a skin bones for being in poverty, have light up a match and burn a flower of a grass and asking my sister, who is 1 year older than me, what it taste like, as we were hungry as there was nothing else to eat. Saw the world of dog eat dog for what it is, morality are discarded and where survival are the main drive, survival of the fittest – thrive or perish.
Mum had to work far and away from the family as she become the bread winner after all the breadwinner my father and grandfather died within a year of each other.
The game of life and ego drama does not stop weather you are living in Eastern or Western or religious or non-religious life.
Even after escaping poverty and moving to Australia it was still the same never ending drama.
Become a bartender, where I was introduce to the Bartending’s life where endless drinking, partying, smoking and taking illegal substance is the norm to fit in to socialize and be part of the group. Being a a shy and naïve young man working in a very busy centralise complex, th e lime light can easily get you hook. Have become a chain smoker, where i could easily smoke a packet a day and more when i go out and party. When partying it could go on for days. At very early 20’s years old doctor said the needle pain in your toes it’s because of excessive drinking of alcohol, a sign of being an alcoholic. Tried many times to stop drinking and smoking but with so many parties, peer pressure and friends who just gets you back to the bad habits again it was never ending cycles.
Within a short time i was able to stop drinking, partying, smoking and was able to identify all the negative aspect of myself and able to drop those off including all the friends who has been bring me down.
Had a massive trans-formative effect on myself.
Found easily become vegetarian, no consumption of fish, eggs and quit drinking coffee (two cups every day) despite working in a café environment.
But the most amazing part is a true connection to Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse 24/7. Tangible evidence within me as am able to Transform and let go of all that is not me and take me instantly to my highest potential. Have never felt my multidimensional Self like it before. You felt nurture, love and one the first thing in the morning and the last thing I could remember when going to sleep.

My Journey with Kosmic Fusion – Clarito

Energetic Synthesis for Empaths and Sensitives

Lifts The Veil Of Illusion

There is only Sree Maa Shri Ji – the living embodiment of the ABSOLUTE who could empowers me to take care of my own little self (ego) and where my little self would be readily, willing to pave way for my Akarmi (non-doer) to lead my chariot in Bhakti (devotion), an opportunity of millions of life time opportunity to embody my highest Potential. Experiencing the supersonic short cut to pathless path in Akarmi to beyond – beyond, from Neutrality to Totality.
Provider of my Atma and my spiritual teacher of the journey of the Pathless path.
Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Absolute Teaching which lifts the veil of illusion from your eyes and breaks down all the barrier that holds us in bondage in many eons of life time, totally mind blowing light-heartedly effortlessly explain and break down by Sree Maa Shri Ji to easily understandable digestible and truly effortlessly enlightening for everyone. With the support from other Facilitator in Training who have whole heartedly devoted their Heart, Soul and Passion to come as One in this journey to Ultimate Liberation through the One and Only ONE.

Energetic Synthesis for Empaths and Sensitives

My Journey with Kosmic Fusion – Clarito

How the Absolute Supreme Grace found me

Late 2012

Have always felt that there is more to life than what it is and that my life can be meaningful with a purpose than for what it is now. Have always felt and believe that there ought to be more than the life that I live for and that there is Living Diving that is far greater than I am in this materialistic world, in a world where its becoming more and more chaotic every day. To live in this modern time as a normal person with so much ego in an egoistic materialistic world with every other ego’s maniac person in this world. How am i going to find the One and Only ONE the Absolute and be connected? 

Have never felt connected nor felt tangible present of the Supreme Absolute, even after going to martial art 4 to 5 days a week dedicating myself in mastering calligraphy Yoga, Qi gong and meditation. 
Everything is unfamiliar with me and exploring and experience the self. With my dedication I have started to feel slight energies, and able to meditate even though I dislike it I persisted. I have put so much effort with very little result, and still I do not feel any connection to Absolute. Felt my martial art teacher was not the best example to lead me beyond egoistic world. As already doing full time job and training 3 to 5 days a week, and that if i want to improve suggested by my martial teacher that I should go to University learn Chinese and Chinese Medicine then he can teach me acupuncture which will cause thousands of dollars every step. Even if i have the financial support I would not have enough time.

Have realized even if I was a monk in a temple and able to dedicate my whole life in marital arts, Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, learn Chinese and Chinese Medicine and acupuncture it would not be enough in this life time to master it and take me beyond it. Also I felt that what I am learning is just feeding my ego by strengthen the I and empowering it. At the same time i do not feel there was a Divine connection. It was all about strengthening the body, be faster, stronger, reflexive action of the body and conditioning the mind with the body as instinct of a warrior.
Even mastering it and having the instinct of the warrior we were told to not use it only for defence, also what you have trained you become a weapon and could hurt someone badly.  

Then realising what is the point of it you can’t practically use it in day to day life nor it gives me spiritual growth. No matter how good or great I became in Martial Art, Qi-Gong, Acupuncture or how strong or how fast I became once the body and mind it will perish in time and in my time of demise it will not help me with my Soul Liberation.

That was it, all that hard work will be for nothing because it does not have any benefit to my own spiritual growth nor for my Soul Liberation. It is nothing but trapping and entangling me more to the 3D and 4D Matrix. That is not what I am looking for.

I have been praying and wishing to feel connected with the Absolute and my pray was heard by Sree Maa Shri Ji who was exhibiting in the Mind Body Spirit Festival (MBS) as Kosmic Fusion stand.

Have been very fortunate that i have found Kosmic Fusion when i did at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in late 2012, it was the last day and last hours i just finished work. Walking around praying that I be guided to find what I was looking for, I was able to visit two stand and one of them is Kosmic Fusion. They were very busy and preoccupied with people experiencing Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse.

I was standing outside of the stand watching and reading the posters as I gazed through one of the volunteer and wondered what are they doing? What is it about?
The volunteer is (Kalyan Mitra) Ekta, somehow or another she turned around as if someone had tap her on the shoulder and looked me directly straight in the eyes. I was so shocked, in my head I asked myself did she just heard me! There was such a divine meaningful and knowledge look she gave. Ekta turn back at what she was doing, standing next to Ekta Mrs N and one sitting down next to Mrs N is (Kalyan Mitra) Simran. I was very fascinated, so I continue to observe, I saw Ekta whispered to Mrs N and both looked me in the eyes as they turn around. I was dumbfounded did not know what to do. OMG!, did they know I am there and what am looking for, did they heard me?, something amazing is happening but could not comprehend it thus I left and walked away as it never happened before.

After contemplating at what happen, wanted to know more so I went back but different volunteers was there, Ekta & Mrs N was gone.

The new volunteer standing outside the stand handed me broacher and tried to talk to me but was not able to understand anything nor did I have the opportunity to experience the Supreme Grace of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse before going home as the volunteer was busy and Mind Body Spirit Festival was about to close.

I did not understand the broacher nor could I comprehend it, when I reread it at home and still could not comprehend the Greatness, magnitude and the Phenomenon of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, and decided if any of it was true will go all the way to find out.

Totally blows my mind that I have been dedicating myself 4 to5 days in Martial, Qi-Gong, Yoga and Meditation thus I understand effort and the hard work it requires, yet with AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON workshop all that I am praying for has been answered.

Amazing how AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON workshop is readily shared by Sree Maa Shri Ji through their unconditional Love – Supreme Grace which is the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse – instantaneously shared to whomever ready to step up and heard calling to do the AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON workshop. The initiation and activation in the workshop would have taken many millions life time to achieve, made it effortlessly so easy for me and for all of us to receive the most precious initiation. The Process of letting go of all the obsoletes patterns, programs, vows and contract from this life time and previous life time that is holding as down and Truly Freeing Us from all the drama and to finding our True Self to embodying it. Truly Supersonic short!!!
Within a short time after AwaKeNiN & TrAnSfOrMaTiON i was able to stop drinking, partying, smoking, taking drugs and was able to let go at ease all the addictions, dependency and negative aspect of myself. I was able to see the influence of friends who does not have a best interest in me but only brings me down. But the most amazing part is the true connection to Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse 24/7. Tangible evidence within me as am able to Transform and let go of all that is not me and take me instantly to my highest potential. Have never felt my multidimensional Self like it before, was able to feel the Pulse, Wave and the Vortex from within me and my energy bodies for the very first time. The constant nurturing, love and connection with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse was amazing. Finding Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse emitting 24/ 7 was amazing and having to feel blessed, nurtured, connected, loved all at the same time and be one with the Absolute on every first conscious moment when I wake up and the final conscious moment when I fall asleep… WOW.

Aapke Prati Sada Atyant Abhari Rahunga Sree Maa Shri Ji – the embodiment of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse for hearing my pray and granting me my wish and finding me when Sree Maa Shri Ji did. There is no sufficient words that could express my eternal Gratitude to my Absolute – Sree Maa Shri Ji. Forever laying in Sapoorna Samarpan at the Lotus Feet of Sree Maa Shri Ji.

Kosmic Fusion – Mind Body Spirit Sydney May 2013 Performance Stage
Experience the 22nd Century Multi Dimensional Healing and demonstration of the Power of Shunya Bindu

My Journey with Kosmic Fusion – Clarito

The Million Life Time Opportunity – Facilitator in Training

Very fortunate to have the opportunity to be in Facilitator in Training Programs (FiT), as there is no one else but the One and only ONE Sree Maa Shri Ji‘s Supreme Grace, being the provider & nurturer of my whole Being-ness and directly teacher of the Absolute Truth of the Kosmos. 
My journey has been an amazing since December 2012 AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN workshop and that I am able to received the signature of ABSOLUTE – the Mother of all energies, frequencies and vibrations – Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) – 24/7 and IT’s by product is healing.

There is no sufficient words that could express my eternally Gratitude to Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Supreme Grace and for all the blessing, unconditional love and support that has been bestowed upon me. Aapke Prati Sada Atyant Abhari Rahunga Sree Maa Shri Ji for introducing and giving me the opportunity to embody Great Hanumanji Ekantic Bhakti to be able to walk my journey to Akarmi Self into my highest potential SELF. Deepest gratitude to Hanumanji’s Strengths, Devotion and Love it made it amazing and easier to walk the pathless path having to embody fully who truly am, and the journey to be at sharnagati is here and now, to be at Sree Maa Shri Ji lotus feet.

Kosmic Fusion – Quantum Vortex & Shunya Bindu

22nd Century Multi Dimensional Healing and demonstration of the Power of Shunya Bindu

Kosmic Code Meditation – Experience Quantum Vortex

My Journey with Kosmic Fusion – Clarito

Girl name Destiny

Destiny (not her real name) was young and pretty, we work together and get along great. Told me to call her Destiny (told me her reason that it is related to being part of her Destiny) and she and I used to go out to Score Bar. It’s usual hangout for staff after work and at about 2 am its staff only. I love hanging around with Destiny as she is fun, bubbly and great to talk to and Destiny loves to hang out with me.
Destiny fancy me though I did not have the same though as she is my friend and I have a great respect for friends where I would never cross the friendship boundaries.
Destiny easy to like, she is pretty and great personality, and everyone love her, she stands out of the crowds where people used to chat her up and pick her up. Somehow her attention was always with me and never fully interact with anyone else when we hang out it seems like its just the 2 of us and always the 2 of us. Had she not my friend and that I fancy her I could easily fall in love with her, but that was not the case, though she fancies me and was very open and direct specially when we had plenty of alcohol.
Things can quickly change where within a short time it can escalated to became more and more of life and death situation for me whenever I go out with Destiny specially when we had plenty of beverage.
Guys are fascinated by her and would come up to her and she would rebuke them and cause fight by saying that “I am with him” points at me “back off, We are hooked up, Got it!!” usually when this happens no matter how drunk I am I become sober enough that if I don’t get my head together we would be in trouble or mainly I will be in trouble. I don’t think I am a coward but to say that I am 5’1” and usually guys would come up to her would be confident Body Builders of Pacific Islanders at least over 6 Foot which is 3 times the size of me and usually they would always have a wingman of the same height.
Every night hanging around with her was like this, in hindsight the guys would came up to her were never rude but polite just wanted to buy her a drink. But she was very possessive and wanted to show her loyalty to me and at the same times she wants my full attention and if I did not give her the full attention, things escalate. A very dangerous type of Love Bombing that could easily cause my homicides.
Im very glad that I was able to get away at that time…I was about 21 and she about 2 years older than me.

All this reminds me of I-Wolf-Rene who have used the Love Bombing tactic on me and she was successful at it as she was able to corrupt my physically and mentally. She is in verge of murdering her Soul and also tried to murder my Soul. I-Wolf-rene the Elitist Narcissist is crying wolf and venting her anger by doing a smear campaign because she is exposed and got caught.  Mainly because she could not have Kosmic Fusion and have me as her possession the toy that she is obsessive with me and would destroy who ever supported me. This is why her anger towards the innocent whom is Sree Maa Shri Ji is relentless.

The Eyes Don’t Lie part 2

Part 2
No matter how much she cover her face with thick makeup or glasses you can see through pass it as the eyes don’t lie. 
She would always have this fake smile or laugh at odd times totally out of place, this is her tactic to defuse your guard and try to manipulate you, she is always careful with her face and worry about it all the time, she would get a bob hair cut that has a long fringe partly to covering her face so that she can hide herself and her expression.
Have seen many times how her eyes would light up with glee when someone is hurt as I have experienced it many occasions as I have been a victim of her insidious sadistic nature for 5 years. I have also seen it when she orchestrates to demanding money of the volunteers from Kosmic Fusion. I have seen it when she bullied Simran and exploit Simran’s guilt into siphoning several thousands off Simran. (Will elaborate on it another time). They may wear many mask but their eyes gives them away.

The Eyes Don’t Lie

Part 1
I could never forget the look that she would give me when she is not very happy with me. She would supress it but you can see the dagger and pure hatred clearly in her eyes. I usually see it whenever I questioned her or whenever I refused or resisted the manipulation and the trap that she laid down for me.
The seething and frothing of pure hatred when she is exposed and confronted she just could not hide. I recall when she was caught syphoning Kosmic Fusion data, Intellectual Property of Kosmic Fusion, stolen Absolute Teaching of Sree Maa Shri Ji so that she can start her own group. That she also send herself via Google Drive a copy of my driver license, my personal PayG slip from work and all the details of company that she and I started and also partnership in Komal & Hanuman details – she is not supposed to have this special when she dupe me and removed herself from the company and the partnership without legally informing me and left me with debt.

I am afraid knowing what she would do when she is venting out her anger and hatred towards me and towards anyone who is supporting me. She would destroy whoever gets in the way and this is why she is doing a smear campaign and crying out wolf because she got exposed and could not handle that I could never be again her narcissistic possession. 

It is most scary hearing her response to me why she have my driver license, she wanted a memento of me that she can look at, even knowing she could not have me. And the Pure Hatred she gave me when she told me that she always wanted to possess me, that she did it because of me, that she is very jealous to whom ever gets closed to me. And would do anything to make sure that no one gets close or talk to me. Jealous of everyone who I talked, supported or interaction with other FIT.

Old Lady Taking Advantage of People’s Kindness

I work in the coffee shop.
Today while working a lady in her mid-60’s asked me “I don’t have money; can I have a black coffee?” I know her game, she played this guilt trip on me before to get her a free drink on cost of me. I just neutrally and said “no”. The face she made as she was shocked that I did not get hooked in her game she walked away. She had forgotten that she played this game with me several times already.
The first time about 2 years ago, it was summer and it’s about 40 Celsius, she pretends and put this mask of innocent old frail lady that she is exhausted and feeling unwell due to the heat. Her masked was on and played it well she said to me “I lose all my money upstairs (as in gambled it away), I don’t have any money, can I have water?” and I said “sure go ahead and take a sit” by this time she knows that she got me by her hooked. So she took the opportunity of taking advantage of my kindness and said “its really hot, can I have the sparkling water (as it’s in the fridge)” maybe I’m just Naïve but I said yes I will just take it out of my tips so I told her please go ahead take a sit will deliver it to you. Gave her the chilled sparkling water with a glass of ice and paid with my tips.
Without saying her gratitude as she finish her drink she went to try and hook me again by looking frail saying “it’s very hot, I just live not too far, do you have 10 dollars for me to catch a taxi” I knew then this ungrateful old lady is playing this Narcissistic game with me and will continue to take everything from me if I don’t put a stop to it now. So told her “I don’t own this premises and I have already paid with my own tips for your drink there is nothing else I can give you.” She walked away with out a care in the world, she gotten what she wanted.

This old lady is well known to us by now, she is not homeless she is by far richer than me in materialistically and money. She has a property in well to do posh area of the city and 5 minutes walk from where I work.   

My ex-business partner I-wolf-rene who is Elitist Narcissist who used, abused and groomed me for 5 years, I-wolf-rene is a pro at this tactic and used it on me all the time. I-wolf-rene would show her mask of being small & frail that nobody understands her all the sob stories because she was Asian, and people misunderstood her due to her accent, what she meant and her justification is that it’s their fault not hers.  She would hook me in to doing what she wants and then within a short time she would demand more and more of my time and until I must give all my time to her, used me to do her bidding.

Once I-wolf-rene successfully at manipulating me into giving her what she wanted from me either by tricking me to contributing my time and money, she could not stop there and would take more and more. I became a cash cow to her and spending 3 to 4 days with her being her slave and wanting to possess me as she has the unhealthy obsessive attraction towards me.

This experience of seeing that old lady reminded me of my 5 years of abused from I-wolf-rene who used me as cash cow and took everything from me. She would have taken the shirt that I am wearing had I not woken up from her abused.
It does make me sad as every time I see this old lady (which is often) that she is always alone, and I could tell she is assessing should I play my game with him.
No matter how much narcissist try to hold their mask sooner or later their narcissistic mask will drop. Once narcissist is caught and unmasked no matter how much they try to convince you, do not believe them, they are soul-sucking, energy vampire that only see you as their supply.

I have been a victim of a very greedy and ambitious covert narcissist. It truly pained me to see how appallingly despicable I-wolf-rene has been without conscience, lying through her teeth, breaching the trust that has been bestowed on her by Kosmic Fusion and the Founders of Kosmic Fusion Sree Maa Shri Ji, fellow volunteers in the FIT program, all done under the guise of a volunteer and a friend. She always had well-orchestrated malicious plans with an intent to manipulate and take advantage as much as she could. She has taken advantage of everyone’s kindness.
I-wolf-rene has been unmasked and exposed for what she truly is a covert narcissist.
I-wolf-rene is uncontrollably venting out her anger on the innocent Sree Maa Shri Ji who have supported me because she can never have me or possess me ever again, it is her downfall for messing with people’s trust and kindness.

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