Old Lady Taking Advantage of People’s Kindness

I work in the coffee shop.
Today while working a lady in her mid-60’s asked me “I don’t have money; can I have a black coffee?” I know her game, she played this guilt trip on me before to get her a free drink on cost of me. I just neutrally and said “no”. The face she made as she was shocked that I did not get hooked in her game she walked away. She had forgotten that she played this game with me several times already.
The first time about 2 years ago, it was summer and it’s about 40 Celsius, she pretends and put this mask of innocent old frail lady that she is exhausted and feeling unwell due to the heat. Her masked was on and played it well she said to me “I lose all my money upstairs (as in gambled it away), I don’t have any money, can I have water?” and I said “sure go ahead and take a sit” by this time she knows that she got me by her hooked. So she took the opportunity of taking advantage of my kindness and said “its really hot, can I have the sparkling water (as it’s in the fridge)” maybe I’m just Naïve but I said yes I will just take it out of my tips so I told her please go ahead take a sit will deliver it to you. Gave her the chilled sparkling water with a glass of ice and paid with my tips.
Without saying her gratitude as she finish her drink she went to try and hook me again by looking frail saying “it’s very hot, I just live not too far, do you have 10 dollars for me to catch a taxi” I knew then this ungrateful old lady is playing this Narcissistic game with me and will continue to take everything from me if I don’t put a stop to it now. So told her “I don’t own this premises and I have already paid with my own tips for your drink there is nothing else I can give you.” She walked away with out a care in the world, she gotten what she wanted.

This old lady is well known to us by now, she is not homeless she is by far richer than me in materialistically and money. She has a property in well to do posh area of the city and 5 minutes walk from where I work.   

My ex-business partner I-wolf-rene who is Elitist Narcissist who used, abused and groomed me for 5 years, I-wolf-rene is a pro at this tactic and used it on me all the time. I-wolf-rene would show her mask of being small & frail that nobody understands her all the sob stories because she was Asian, and people misunderstood her due to her accent, what she meant and her justification is that it’s their fault not hers.  She would hook me in to doing what she wants and then within a short time she would demand more and more of my time and until I must give all my time to her, used me to do her bidding.

Once I-wolf-rene successfully at manipulating me into giving her what she wanted from me either by tricking me to contributing my time and money, she could not stop there and would take more and more. I became a cash cow to her and spending 3 to 4 days with her being her slave and wanting to possess me as she has the unhealthy obsessive attraction towards me.

This experience of seeing that old lady reminded me of my 5 years of abused from I-wolf-rene who used me as cash cow and took everything from me. She would have taken the shirt that I am wearing had I not woken up from her abused.
It does make me sad as every time I see this old lady (which is often) that she is always alone, and I could tell she is assessing should I play my game with him.
No matter how much narcissist try to hold their mask sooner or later their narcissistic mask will drop. Once narcissist is caught and unmasked no matter how much they try to convince you, do not believe them, they are soul-sucking, energy vampire that only see you as their supply.

I have been a victim of a very greedy and ambitious covert narcissist. It truly pained me to see how appallingly despicable I-wolf-rene has been without conscience, lying through her teeth, breaching the trust that has been bestowed on her by Kosmic Fusion and the Founders of Kosmic Fusion Sree Maa Shri Ji, fellow volunteers in the FIT program, all done under the guise of a volunteer and a friend. She always had well-orchestrated malicious plans with an intent to manipulate and take advantage as much as she could. She has taken advantage of everyone’s kindness.
I-wolf-rene has been unmasked and exposed for what she truly is a covert narcissist.
I-wolf-rene is uncontrollably venting out her anger on the innocent Sree Maa Shri Ji who have supported me because she can never have me or possess me ever again, it is her downfall for messing with people’s trust and kindness.

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