The Eyes Don’t Lie

Part 1
I could never forget the look that she would give me when she is not very happy with me. She would supress it but you can see the dagger and pure hatred clearly in her eyes. I usually see it whenever I questioned her or whenever I refused or resisted the manipulation and the trap that she laid down for me.
The seething and frothing of pure hatred when she is exposed and confronted she just could not hide. I recall when she was caught syphoning Kosmic Fusion data, Intellectual Property of Kosmic Fusion, stolen Absolute Teaching of Sree Maa Shri Ji so that she can start her own group. That she also send herself via Google Drive a copy of my driver license, my personal PayG slip from work and all the details of company that she and I started and also partnership in Komal & Hanuman details – she is not supposed to have this special when she dupe me and removed herself from the company and the partnership without legally informing me and left me with debt.

I am afraid knowing what she would do when she is venting out her anger and hatred towards me and towards anyone who is supporting me. She would destroy whoever gets in the way and this is why she is doing a smear campaign and crying out wolf because she got exposed and could not handle that I could never be again her narcissistic possession. 

It is most scary hearing her response to me why she have my driver license, she wanted a memento of me that she can look at, even knowing she could not have me. And the Pure Hatred she gave me when she told me that she always wanted to possess me, that she did it because of me, that she is very jealous to whom ever gets closed to me. And would do anything to make sure that no one gets close or talk to me. Jealous of everyone who I talked, supported or interaction with other FIT.

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