The Eyes Don’t Lie part 2

Part 2
No matter how much she cover her face with thick makeup or glasses you can see through pass it as the eyes don’t lie. 
She would always have this fake smile or laugh at odd times totally out of place, this is her tactic to defuse your guard and try to manipulate you, she is always careful with her face and worry about it all the time, she would get a bob hair cut that has a long fringe partly to covering her face so that she can hide herself and her expression.
Have seen many times how her eyes would light up with glee when someone is hurt as I have experienced it many occasions as I have been a victim of her insidious sadistic nature for 5 years. I have also seen it when she orchestrates to demanding money of the volunteers from Kosmic Fusion. I have seen it when she bullied Simran and exploit Simran’s guilt into siphoning several thousands off Simran. (Will elaborate on it another time). They may wear many mask but their eyes gives them away.

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