Girl name Destiny

Destiny (not her real name) was young and pretty, we work together and get along great. Told me to call her Destiny (told me her reason that it is related to being part of her Destiny) and she and I used to go out to Score Bar. It’s usual hangout for staff after work and at about 2 am its staff only. I love hanging around with Destiny as she is fun, bubbly and great to talk to and Destiny loves to hang out with me.
Destiny fancy me though I did not have the same though as she is my friend and I have a great respect for friends where I would never cross the friendship boundaries.
Destiny easy to like, she is pretty and great personality, and everyone love her, she stands out of the crowds where people used to chat her up and pick her up. Somehow her attention was always with me and never fully interact with anyone else when we hang out it seems like its just the 2 of us and always the 2 of us. Had she not my friend and that I fancy her I could easily fall in love with her, but that was not the case, though she fancies me and was very open and direct specially when we had plenty of alcohol.
Things can quickly change where within a short time it can escalated to became more and more of life and death situation for me whenever I go out with Destiny specially when we had plenty of beverage.
Guys are fascinated by her and would come up to her and she would rebuke them and cause fight by saying that “I am with him” points at me “back off, We are hooked up, Got it!!” usually when this happens no matter how drunk I am I become sober enough that if I don’t get my head together we would be in trouble or mainly I will be in trouble. I don’t think I am a coward but to say that I am 5’1” and usually guys would come up to her would be confident Body Builders of Pacific Islanders at least over 6 Foot which is 3 times the size of me and usually they would always have a wingman of the same height.
Every night hanging around with her was like this, in hindsight the guys would came up to her were never rude but polite just wanted to buy her a drink. But she was very possessive and wanted to show her loyalty to me and at the same times she wants my full attention and if I did not give her the full attention, things escalate. A very dangerous type of Love Bombing that could easily cause my homicides.
Im very glad that I was able to get away at that time…I was about 21 and she about 2 years older than me.

All this reminds me of I-Wolf-Rene who have used the Love Bombing tactic on me and she was successful at it as she was able to corrupt my physically and mentally. She is in verge of murdering her Soul and also tried to murder my Soul. I-Wolf-rene the Elitist Narcissist is crying wolf and venting her anger by doing a smear campaign because she is exposed and got caught.  Mainly because she could not have Kosmic Fusion and have me as her possession the toy that she is obsessive with me and would destroy who ever supported me. This is why her anger towards the innocent whom is Sree Maa Shri Ji is relentless.

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