My Response 3 : Public toilets after 7 pm?

3. did you warn members not to use public toilets after 7pm?

First of all, what is with the question!! One extreme to the next, is this smut? What magazine or newspaper journalist would ask such question?


The answer is no, I have never been warned or given instruction or asked by Sree Maa Shri Ji.


I am a bartender in trade and I work in a very busy bustling complex Casino that is opened 24 hours, in which I am required to be flexible and available in rotational shift of Morning, Afternoon and Graveyard shift, the shift is plentiful at night as that is when it gets busy. The bar get busy mainly on Friday to Sunday and mainly get extremely busy at night time and we must to be available to work at this time, which is part of the enterprise agreement working in the Casino. It is a must. Not only that I share the staff public toilet with Thousands of staffs and I also uses the Patrons toilet after 7pm as I work in afternoon and night shift as that is where the loading payment hits.


I have moved out recently further away from where I work and the drive back home can take 1 to 1.30 hours with no traffic but with traffic can take 2 to 2.30 hours. Being stuck in the traffic I have many occasions emergency nature call is required where I had to do business right there and then, fortunately there is always a Petrol station, McDonald, restaurant and local Public Toilet where I can do my business and yes most of the time its at night time.



Have recall many occasions when I finish work at about 5 or 6 pm and would drive 2.30 hour or so to Central Coast to Irene place, the drive is long and far. There are many occasions where emergency nature call is required. Since the Public Toilet and Truck stop is far in between I have at times contemplate on peeing on the empty bottle and had to admit on my younger days I had do so as I had no other choice, to let you know the picture, if you are busting to pee one bottle is not going to be enough. The pain and the embarrassment when I look at myself in the mirror after this incident does not required “Reflection”, trust me the amount of driving I had to endure it was not a 1-time experience. Now with the bigger business or doing number 2, lets not go in there, I am not going to get pan or bucket and leave it in the car just in case I needed to do number 2 after 7pm, it’s just not going to happen. I guarantee I will not be storing my pee on a bottle or leave a chocolate in the bucket in my car.

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