My Response 1 : Former volunteers have described being struck, spat…?

1.Former volunteers have described being struck, spat on or had their hair pulled during “reflection” sessions? 


No, it never happens and would never happen, I would not stand for violent and specially Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and FIT, it’s vehemently not possible ever. It’s extremely ridiculous and most offensive to me as i had never once been struck, spat on or had my hair pulled by anyone at any stage of training, in workshop, in FIT Programme with Sree Maa Shri Ji.


Since i did my AwAkenin TrAnSfOMatiON and Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Practitioner in December 2012 and started volunteering in Jan 2013 what i witnessed of Sree Maa Shri Ji is pure Compassion as have only felt and witnessed the tangible shower of unconditionally love of SreeMaaShriJi Supreme Grace towards everyone, have never met anyone more compassionate, forgiving, accepting, loving and kind that make you feel at ease and welcome as a family within Kosmic Fusion. SreeMaaShriJi only displayed utmost Integrity and only best wishes to everyone even to those who has bad intention.


At the beginning as a volunteer we were to only put our hands-on shoulders on the stands to the participants and touching the recipients chakra for Multi-dimensional holographic healing session with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse.


Touching the recipients chakra no longer needed in 2016 as part of the FIT training is to step back and that the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse is Omniscience and Omnipresent, IT will do what it needs be done. Main purpose of it is to step back and to keep the ego in check and by doing so we will not create any healers karma by being a sharer.


If you really want to know who has been doing hitting and pulling hairs its only Dallia and Irene who is a Malignant and Covert Narcissist. Have witness few of the manhandling of Irene bullying Tara in the India Pilgrimage, one occasion when Irene aggressively grabbing Tara’s hand telling Tara off at how to properly record the discourse of Sree Maa Shri Ji while we were walking. and another time shoving Tara to get to the front to record Sree Maa Shri Ji, another time pushing Tara out of the way while Irene try to run ahead to attend to Sree Maa Shri Ji and this both occasion Tara did come to me ask if I saw what Irene did to her. Have also seen Irene shoved and pushed through over other FITs to be the first to attend to Sree Maa Shri Ji or when Irene wanted to be next to Sree Maa Shri Ji or wanting to be in the front of the line whenever we visit Swaminarayan Bhagwan Temple. Have also witness Dallia bullying Tara in the India Pilgrimage though it was not physically, but she was trying to dominate Tara.


I witness many of this occasion only because I was told by Irene to stay in the back at all times being the male to keep an eye on everyone ahead and whenever I would walk ahead of Irene I get a mouthful from her making sure to put me in my place which is at the back. Irene would also demand that I carry her luggage like a personal helper. Irene and Dallia orchestrate a drama that made me a flying monkey and end up fighting with another FIT. Both of them had sabotage me, gaslighted me, made multiple triangulation with me and with other FITs.


Irene always had unhealthy obsession towards me and the only time that i have been touched inappropriately was from Irene’s sexual advancement towards me, it was unwanted, and I rejected it vehemently several times, further emotional, mental anguish when she then turned this unwanted relationship into a spiritual one, even though Irene having a physical husband and son.


Irene and Dallia’s manipulation had came to light in the Reunion and one of them is Dallia abusing and bullying Jeeya and Nandini, and that Dallia had been violently and slap Nandini several times and tried to pull Nandini’s kanthi off her neck, but all this abuse always happen whenever Sree Maa Shri Ji is not around.


The Reunion was all initiated and driven by FIT, we had the questionnaires drafted by all of us together so that we can come to light at what we were doing, the direction we are going and to know what we are doing wrong.
No, we have never been asked to do any reflections, it was our own initiative to fill out the questionnaires in honest, authentic and integrity in which Irene hated as she knows she was going to get exposed. Therefore, she viciously bullying me non-stop at the reunion, continually putting me in front of a train to be run over and be under the spot light at all time in the group setting specially with the Sydney FIT. Irene is like a big boss thug, like a ring master telling people off, she would berate me in front of everyone when I was setting up my laptop, even though I told her three times to calm down it’s not my fault but continue to push me make me react and raised my voice in front of the others FITs to make me look in a bad light. Whenever I raised an issue or give her a look to say what are you doing she would play innocent and would raise her concern with Niranjana “why is he talking to me like this” or “did you see the way he look at me” , I was so crushed I just kept quiet and cop it – totally putting me in the bad light in front of the core Team and the rest of the FIT. Irene has been like a python wrapped around me and crushing my self-confidence at every turn. The one who is continuing spitting and spewing venom at Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion and the FITs are these snakes.


At the Reunion I witnessed how Nandini and Jeeya has been mistreated and abused, Irene would hog the kitchen as if it’s her right only to cook food for herself and share it with me but would get angry with me when I share it with Nandini or Jeeya and told me to not share it with any of them. Even though Nandini had been cooking for the FITs in the Reunion she would not share food with Nandini and Jeeya. I felt really sorry for Nandini and Jeeya as every morning and night they would clean the kitchen, sweep the kitchen & dining floors and the leaves in the yard & pool, while Irene overseeing. I wanted to help out in cleaning, but Irene stopped me, as if to say this is what they were supposed to be doing. FIT had come from different country and respected what we are there for the Reunion, but whenever FITs were filling out the questionnaires Irene was never there, maybe bossing everyone around exhausted her big time needed to chills out and take nap time.


Irene bully me and bosses me around whenever she is cooking (like every day), I became Irene’s dish washing and cleaning after her, being her runner to get what ever she wanted, get crafts for her projects – beads (which I have bought with my own cash and brought from Australia but was not enough and wanted more), she made me clean and paint cushions, clean around the Ashram, clean windows, make international phone call in her behalf, made me organise her flights, shuttle pickup and all in my own expenses. Thus, I organise her flight with LATAM and my ticket she wanted the VIP sit in LATAM as she wanted the business class, thus organised and requested for upgrade for Irene’s flight, at their own discretion it was not approved. On the way back to Sydney in the shuttle bus going to Auckland airport Irene was so angry with me and very mad started screaming at me when I was offering food that was cooked by Jeeya in a kind gesture for our breakfast as we were leaving for Sydney. After arriving in the airport, she decides to go back to the Ashram, telling me off that it’s my fault for not getting the Business class, what is the point now going home, even though she still have the ticket to go back to Sydney which was already been paid, apparently it’s was not for her and left to go back to the Ashram. Irene had sabotage me, gaslighted me, made multiple triangulation with me and FIT, making me as a Flying Monkey in many occasions in the Reunion.

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